As I learn, you learn.

My commitment to advocacy has instilled a diligent effort to stay on top of the latest research and news related to mental illness.

These posts address the latest discoveries, current controversies, and updated information related to mental illness as covered in the news.

News, Research, and Info Posts

Caring for Yourself During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic can not only cause anxiety over contracting the virus or concern for the well being of our elderly loved ones. Not only can it induce dread that our healthcare system will become overwhelmed or resources will become depleted and scarce. The barrage of information can affect your mental health and your mental illness treatment regimen.

“At Least She’d be Safe in Jail”

Another tragic story about a mentally ill inmate committing suicide in a Michigan jail. Unlike many reports on jailhouse suicides, this report includes information on the population of mentally ill inmates and their inability to care for them. As many as 80 percent of inmates in Michigan jails have some form of mental illness, according […]