how to read this blog

As I write the stories in a post, they randomly appear on the front page of the blog and are also accessable by clicking on the “lastest posts” link on the menu underneath the title bar.

There is always a year reflected in the post tag to signify when the experience happened because I do not write in chronological orderof event. I write as the memories come back to me in a random fashion.

This site is currently under construction and I am working on building a page or menu that will allow you to easily navigate through the stories by publish date, category, or tag.

Throughout the stories, you will hear commom themes and words. One of those words is the “Weirdness.” The Weirdness was my name for everything I was going through. I was followed and engaged with “weird people.” I encountered “weird” events and message embedded in TV shows, print ads, billboards, and the like.

So when ever you read me complaining about the Weirdness or stating that I’m in the Weirdness, you’ll have an idea of its significance.

You will read some reference to the Weirdness in almost every one of these stories.