messages from mr. rogers

My latest relapse into psychosis happened only in August of 2019. For five weeks, I was tortured by messages buried as barbs, directives, and insults into every Facebook post, Twitter tweet, and Instagram entry. The assault on my mind and sanity was relentless, and I knew I had to escape it somehow, someway.
I found that respite on youtube. I found myself on youtube searching for vintage Mr. Rogers episodes. The shows were pure, kind, inspiring . . and most of all, I was unable to detect any subliminal messages or directives from the government.
For five weeks, during August 2019, all I allowed myself to watch on any video device, be it phone or TV or computer, was the pure, sane, soothing sounds and messages of Mr. Rogers.
And it was one restrictive way I allowed myself to have a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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