“big data” – a poem

I don't want your heart
I don't want your soul
I just want your data

What's that?
You say you may have deleted it?
Oh that's ok, don't worry
We've been collecting and saving it
We've been collecting for longer than you could have ever imagined
snapshot of the handwritten work of prose, Big Data

Long before Edward Snowden’s infamous whistleblowing heroics on unconstitutional mass surveillence in 2013, I had already begun losing sleep over my realization that American’s data was being mined and exploited by large corporations and the government.

I had long been tolerating losing control over my laptop screens, iPhone’s starting up apps without my interaction, documents edited by unknown entities on the other end of the Internet connection.

I was more than convinced I was constantly being canvassed and evaluated. And there was nothing I could do about it.

Like most other frustrations when it came to expelling my anxieties over Weirdness, I responded with a cartoon and a coordinating work of prose.

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